White Crane Style Kung Fu

February 5, 2018/ /

White Crane Style kung fu focuses on the evasion skills of this iconic bird, with particular attention paid to pressure-point strikes.

In contrast to most of the kung fu styles practised on the Long Yu Fleet, this one we haven’t invented ourselves! White Crane was founded by a woman, Fang Qiniang, a nun who lived in 17th-century Fujian Province in southern China. She learnt kung fu from her father, but when he was murdered, she vowed revenge. According to legend, one day she was sweeping the temple and a crane landed on the ground in front of her. She tried to shoo it away, but it kept evading her, and eventually broke her broom handle with its powerful wing. Fang Qiniang copied the movements of the crane and thus Fujian White Crane kung fu was born.

Having been founded by a woman, white crane kung fu does not rely on brute strength, but on speed and power. Much of the effectiveness of a strike is achieved by the opponent being unable to see it coming.

You can find out more about White Crane Kung Fu here. (You can also find out from Wikipedia, but please beware of inaccurate information.)