/ June 16, 2016/


– A Long Yu subculture, a small group of people who like taking machinery (and software, etc) to pieces, modifying it, ‘improving’ it.
– Sometimes for profit.
– Sometimes for fun.
– Hackers, essentially.

Robots and Tinkers are two sides of the same coin.

Mr Toy had strong Tinker nature.
– Some Tinkers specialise / prefer Toy Cybernetic Company robots, others New Solar Robotics or other more obscure manufacturers.
– Tinkers are not exactly the same as designers.
– Tinkers generally work on ‘external’ aspects of a robot and / or its software. They rarely get involved with the analogue circuitry; they are generally very logical thinkers and all this talk of the Dao does their heads in.
– A good Tinker is not necessarily a good designer.
– But a good designer is always a superb Tinker; to the average Tinker, a designer is a sort of wizard, and is looked upon with awe.

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