Spheres and Cropships

/ June 16, 2016/

Sphere of the Silk Moth
– exports silks
– real chocolate
– truffles
– real pork
– finest cheese
– Imperial Stables (the only horses on the fleet)

Sphere of the White Crane
1st Cropship
– Kung fu Master Yang
– White Crane kung fu
– Lotus Blossom Palace
– Excellent bean curd
– Rice noodles
– Cane sugar
– Dried anchovies
– Famous for pak choi, but watch out for sharp traders offloading old stock
– Three Witches’ shack
– Bo’s Bits n Bobs
– Chun’s Quality Fruit and Vegetable Supplies – Ilya Chun Po
– Mo’s repairman – Timofy Ma Ryu
– Special Customs Officer (Second Class) Yip
– Junior (Customs) Officer Lam
– twinned with 5th CSBR
– Peony Pavilion
– Ma mansion
– Ping’s Restaurant
– The People Promote Democracy and Peace

Sphere of the Black Rhinoceros
5th Cropship
-twinned with 1st CSWC
– Kung fu Master Wing
– White Crane kung fu
– Mrs Tam’s Sweetmeat Pagoda
– The Marketplace (all cropships have marketplaces)
– shrimp paste
– sticky rice
– The Crimson Pirate (bar)

Sphere of the Blue Carp
– fish
– seafood
– seaweed
– oysters (and pearls)

Mr Nikolai Wu Jin, friend of Tomas Fong Wen, eldest son of Valeri Fong Bu, the Second Administrator For Fisheries on the Eighth Cropship of The Blue Carp

this sphere is mostly water, marshy

Sphere of the Green Parrot
– finest pork nutrient (export)
– toddy
– ‘Finest’ Toddy is Old Misty, from the Distillery of the Pink Mountain, run by Feliks Chow Hua and his nephew Ivan Chow Yi

Sphere of the White Leopard
– The Old Market – citizens from all over the fleet come here for its unusual variety of goods and services
– Mr Hong’s Pharmacy
– Mr Yu’s All-Handmade Tofu and Sticky Rice Balls
– Ying Ying Noodles
– Apartment 4

Sphere of the Arctic Fox
low prestige, dangerous (wily, cunning, etc)
criminals everywhere
The Head Overseer is suspected to be part of the organised criminal gangs – not trusted
The People Fight Against the Tyrannical Emperor Donglong

Sphere of the Praying Mantis
– Black rice
– Finest pak choi
– Turnips
– Praying Mantis kung fu
– Kung fu Master Huang

Sphere of the Pink Panther
– Big on non-essential foodstuffs
– the finest imitation chocolate
– decent cheese
– onions, garlic, herbs
– vibrant French Quarter

Sphere of the Giant Panda
– Bamboo
– rare plants
– fungi
– bean paste
a circle of low prestige but it’s on the up because of Kung fu Master Po

Sphere of the Red Snake

No data

Sphere of the Purple Phoenix

No data

Sphere of the Golden Dolphin

No data

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