Sergei Ma Gao Lei

September 10, 2016/ /

The second son of Lady Ma, and father to Maksym, Katarina, Alexei and Anastasia, Sergei is the Imperial Chief Administrator of Waste Recycling, ensuring the constant supply of clean water for the Emperor. This elevated position often takes him away from home for weeks at a time, but it is a position he is proud of, despite his mother saying his job involves “nothing more than shovelling shit for the Emperor.”

Any major family decisions must be run past Sergei first, although everyone, even his own children, know this is nothing more than a formality, and he has no more authority than they do. Partly because of this, he takes his job as Imperial Chief Administrator of Waste Recycling extremely seriously – he feels that the approval of his family is somewhat less important than the approval of His Majesty. Despite this he does try to spend time at home as often as possible.