Pyotr Guo Jie

June 17, 2016/ /

Pyotr Guo Jie once attended a fire at the Ma Mansion. He has been training with Master Yang since he was very young and is now one of his most trusted students. He does not boast about what he does for a living and not many people even know – he hires assassins. His orders come from up high, and sometimes from the very top – the Emperor himself. He does not tell many people because he is afraid of their reaction – would they want to know him if they knew what he did? So he lives with his secret and lets people continue in their belief that he is able to train in kung fu and not have a separate profession because of his privileged background – he comes from a wealthy family, although he rarely speaks of them.

Pyotr commands a great deal of respect, and part of this is a direct consequence of his training under Master Yang, one of the most senior instructors on the First Cropship of the White Crane. His bravery is well known, and he is popular and well liked. This draws the ire of certain individuals he must work with, but he does not let them get under his skin. Years of Master Yang’s training have taught him how to keep his composure. Of course, those whose ire he draws find this even more irritating, but Pyotr does not react.

He is an upstanding, handsome man.