Mo Yen (Ping Tai-tai)

September 11, 2016/ /

Mo Yen is married to Mr Ping and is in charge of the kitchen. Even though she works mainly from their personal kitchen, leaving Cook Ding in charge of the larger restaurant kitchen, nothing goes out to the floor of the restaurant without her say-so, and Mr Ping is happy for it to stay that way.

She is intensely proud of her dim sum, many say with good reason. If occasionally patrons do not order any, she will send some tasters out to try to win them over. This does not always work – mostly it does.

She procures many of her ingredients from Yelena, and although she does not discuss this with her husband, she knows he sees but turns a blind eye. Mr Ping loves his wife and a number of things he would not normally approve of he will let slide to keep her happy. Mo Yen knows and appreciates this. But as she is well aware that he also deals with a known smuggler, should he ever complain about Yelena, she would hold this over him, and Mr Ping knows this.

They have a good, solid, happy marriage.