Lady Svetlana Ma (Svetlana Rui Liang)

/ September 10, 2016/

Lady Svetlana, or Sveta, is the matriarch of the Ma household. Her son Sergei would like to dispute this, but he is not brave enough to dare. Although ostensibly, she is lower in status than her son, everyone knows who is really in charge.

As a young woman, Svetlana was nanny to the Crown Prince Song Hongzhu, later to become Emperor Lin Heping. Because of this early, and very close relationship, they have retained a mutual respect. The regard Lin Heping has for Lady Ma is therefore extended to the entire household. Lady Ma is a widow, and since the death of her husband, she has done her best to run the household in a way he would approve of. She does not let being a woman hold her back, however – she is well aware of her limitations in this area, but rather than letting them oppress her, she makes good use of them. She has two sons, though only Sergei is still alive; he and his late wife gave her four grandchildren: Maksym, Katarina, Alexei and Anastasia. She also has one great niece who lives in the mansion, Nina Li Xing. Lady Ma took her in after the death of her parents. Lady Ma is intensely proud of her grandchildren, and she will do all she can to protect them, although she will take every opportunity to ridicule Sergei about his position in the Waste Recycling Facility.







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