Green Parrot Style Kung Fu

March 23, 2018/ /

Green Parrot Style Kung Fu takes its influence from the characteristics of the bird of the same name. The training focuses on stealth and sneak attacks, then shrieking loudly to confuse and distract opponents. A particular notable skill of Green Parrot students is the ability to throw one’s voice, making opponents believe there is another attacker elsewhere, usually behind them. All of this is done using strong stances, ensuring the practitioner cannot simply be pushed over. Patterns demonstrate the parrot’s use of all these skills, and some involve the use of weapons such as the Parrot Claw Sickle, which is worn on the feet rather than hand-held, to free up the hands for use in combat.

Founded by Imperial Qipao Designer Yu Yingwu, who made dresses for the emperor’s concubines. One of these concubines, Mimi, taught her the basics of a kung fu style especially created for women’s self-defence, called Yin Quan. Yu fell out of favour with the emperor’s uncle when she rejected his advances, and has since been honoured by the Jiang Hu (martial world) as a model of female virtue and strength.