Emperor Lin Heping

September 12, 2016/ /

Son of Emperor Donglong, Lin Heping took the name Peaceful Forest for his reign, which continues the Huifu Dynasty line. He is a far more benevolent ruler than was his despotic father, but it takes work to convince people of anything, and he is finding it difficult to escape the shoes he has been forced by birth to step into.

Emperor Lin Heping has many concubines. He does not enjoy the initiation of women, however, and unlike his father, sees deflowering them as an unpleasant necessity – he would rather they did not have to go through it, but tradition states they must. He has a wife, but of all the women living on the Throne Ship, his favourite is Anastasia, the youngest granddaughter of Lady Ma. Not only is she the most intelligent, and therefore the most attractive, of all his concubines, he has a natural affection for the entire family, as Lady Ma served as his nanny when he was a child, until her marriage to Georgi Ma Jiang Tong. He always respected her, as she treated him as a normal child when they were alone, and this respect naturally gave rise to admiration.

He is a good emperor, even if not everyone knows it, though he does find it rather tiring – and rather trying.

Emperor Lin Heping has a deep regard for the kung fu masters. They are older than he and, he believes, wiser than he will ever be himself. When they are summoned to Court, he speaks to them respectfully.