Emperor Donglong

September 12, 2016/ /

Emperor Donglong reigns during the Huifu Dynasty and is a despotic emperor who rules with an iron fist. He despises books and the people who read them, maintaining the more books one reads, the stupider one becomes. This does not stop him commissioning a poem to celebrate the birth of his son, the Crown Prince Song Hongzhu, which leads some to label him a hypocrite, although no one would ever dare say so above a whisper, even if the Emperor was nowhere near. In fact, it is hard to imagine the possibility of anyone being stupid enough to do this.

Emperor Donglong, whose name means Eastern Dragon, has a massive harem of concubines. To be initiated into the harem, they must endure his clumsy and rather violent attention. The inevitable, though unsought consequence of this is that the women are happy never to have him touch them ever again, although given his low intelligence, it is doubtful he even notices.

His son, later the Emperor Lin Heping, does not hold him in high esteem, and fears him.