An Evening Out Pt 3

/ June 16, 2016/ Stories

Read An Evening Out Pt 2 here. The glasses on the table were now mostly half full. This was their first night out for some considerable time, and the girls were making the most of it, getting looser and less inhibited the more they drank. As more songs by the legendary Wong Fei were played on the overhead speakers, Madam Wong was in full flow. ‘I’m tellin’ ya,’ she was saying, ‘that Wong Fei, she had ’em by the goolies, she did. Everyone loved Auntie Fei. She did what she wanted and let no one dictate. S’why she was so successful.’ ‘So that’s why the Lotus Blossom Palace runs so efficiently!’ said Daisy. ‘Talent runs in families.’ ‘What?’ Lily glanced up. She’d been eyeing the drinks menu again. ‘Bollocks,’ she said. ‘It was hundreds o’ years ago. How can Read More

An Evening Out Pt 1

/ June 16, 2016/ Begin, Stories

The girls of the Lotus Blossom Palace were getting dressed up in their finest clothes. Madam Wong had decided that they deserved, and indeed needed, an evening off. This was a rare occurrence for the lotus girls; they were in high demand on the First Cropship of the White Crane, and free time was a precious luxury that most of them could ill afford.

Many things had changed over the centuries since the Long Yu fleet set off from old Earth, but New Year remained the most important date in the calendar. It was the ideal time for the girls to take a break and Madam Wong was so determined to take them somewhere nice that she was even willing to leave the mochibots in charge of the Palace while they all went out. Read More