Trigger Warning

/ December 14, 2016/ Begin, Stories

I know some people will want to blame my parents but I don’t think that’s right. It’s true they were liberal but it wasn’t their fault; it was the way they were raised. My grandparents came of age under Xiong Ling so maybe you should blame her, or the whole Xinyang Dynasty. It was a different world back then. They fell for all the leftist propaganda – on my mother’s side, particularly. They believed in it fervently, and took great care to instil those warped values in their children. Even when times changed they clung to the old ideas. They never accepted the evidence of Empress Xiong Ling’s sorcery, and would often mutter darkly about a vast right-wing conspiracy. On my father’s side they were less extreme, but my mother never had a chance. She was a headstrong woman, brainwashed from an early age into wilfulness and radical thinking. Is it any wonder then, that she passed the disease on to me? These things run in families. In a way we are all victims of the dark legacy of the Xinyang liberals. Read More