If you’ve come here because you’re considering buying a subscription, then you might want to find out who we are and where your money will be going.

Well, here we are:

This is us! And yes, we were in the pub. Photo credit: Laurence Lusson

This is us! And yes, we were in the pub. Photo credit: Laurence Lusson

If that hasn’t put you off, you must be cool, sexy and highly intelligent. Congratulations! Here are your options:

Basic Subscription – $1/month
​Thank you. This gets you access to all our Premium content, plus a monthly email in which we will moan about how hard writing is and perhaps let slip a few ideas we’ve been having about new things.

Enhanced Subscription – $2/month
This is very generous. ​Thank you so much. This tier gets you the same as above, and in addition we will email you PDF versions of these stories so you can easily read them on your Kindle, iPad, or other device.

Premium Subscription – $5/month
This will go a long way towards helping us pay the rent and is putting a lot of faith in us to write stories that are worth this much. ​Such generosity will be rewarded – you’ll get everything mentioned above, plus details of novels and other stuff we’re working on. You’ll also receive a special discount on anything we publish in print.

VIP Subscription – $10/month
​Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so generous, especially in such hard times, and will really help us to fly. For this, you’ll get everything mentioned above, and as an extra added bonus, you’ll get free signed copies of anything we publish in print! We’ll even cover the postage. Again, thank you.

Fuck that – $0/month
Fair enough. It’s generous of you just to have considered it.

But the more we can make from writing, the more likely we are to be able to eat, and your money will make sure we don’t have to sit in a draughty garret, wearing fingerless gloves and drinking endless cups of tea to keep warm. OK, it’s not quite that bad, but you get what we’re saying.

It will help us with our research. Most of the time, this is fun, or at least interesting. It gives us an excuse to read a lot of books and watch a lot of Chinese films and shit – but all these things cost money. The more deeply we can delve into real Chinese culture, the truer the stories will be. Little details make a massive difference, and we can only include them if we know what we’re talking about. Also, research into one thing often sparks ideas about something else (more often than you can possibly imagine, unless you’re a writer yourself). The more research we can do, the more stories we will produce and, crucially, the better they will be.

But enough about our problems.

Please keep reading our stories.

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