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/ September 16, 2016/ Begin, Stories

Here’s some stuff we have in the pipeline:

Full-length Fiction
These are really not suitable for web publication. Instead, we’d like to see them in print. We’ve been thinking about the merits of self-publishing, including retaining full creative control, rather than going with a commercial publisher. Don’t worry – we proofread each other and are not egotistical enough to think we don’t need editors. But trade publishers have a nasty habit of publishing what they think will sell, often to the detriment of good art. We think this is a mistake, as the art must come first, before anything else. If you’d like to help us fund our stories and novels, have a look at who we are, first – you’ll be wanting to know – and then have a think about buying us a coffee. The more coffees we get, the more we’ll be able to write; the more we can write, the more we can publish, and that means more stories for you.)

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  • The Fight For Freedom (Novel, Completed)
  • Captain Mo’s Pirate Adventure (Novel, In progress)
  • Apartment 4 (Novel, In progress)
  • Untitled Epic (Novel, In progress)

Shorter Fiction
When these are ready, we expect to publish them on this website.

  • The Chai-Wallah (aka Mr Ong Pt 2) (Story Idea)
  • The Young Instructors (Working title, in progress)
  • The Twin Swords of Tai Lin Shan “(one of the most beloved ancient texts of the Long Yu people)” (in progress)
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