An Evening Out Pt 3

/ June 16, 2016/ Stories

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The glasses on the table were now mostly half full. This was their first night out for some considerable time, and the girls were making the most of it, getting looser and less inhibited the more they drank. As more songs by the legendary Wong Fei were played on the overhead speakers, Madam Wong was in full flow.

‘I’m tellin’ ya,’ she was saying, ‘that Wong Fei, she had ’em by the goolies, she did. Everyone loved Auntie Fei. She did what she wanted and let no one dictate. S’why she was so successful.’

‘So that’s why the Lotus Blossom Palace runs so efficiently!’ said Daisy. ‘Talent runs in families.’

‘What?’ Lily glanced up. She’d been eyeing the drinks menu again. ‘Bollocks,’ she said. ‘It was hundreds o’ years ago. How can that sorta thing work its way down that far? Nah, I don’t buy it.’

‘It’s true,’ Madam Wong sniffed. ‘Wong Fei is my ancestor. S’not my fault if you don’t believe me.’

‘Oh, we definitely believe you,’ said Rosa, ‘it’s just—’

‘Far fetched,’ Lily finished. ‘To say the least. I mean, how can you prove somethin’ like that? Eh? How?’

‘Well, I can’t can I?’ Madam Wong lit a roll-up and inhaled deeply. ‘S’why you just have to… to… you’s juss ’ave to b’lieve me, won’t you?’

She took another sip of her Marigold Flambée, then fell off her chair.

Holding back giggles – it was funny, but they were also genuinely concerned – the girls leant down as a group and hauled Madam Wong carefully up off the floor. It was not an easy task; one slip and her dress might easily have split down the main seam to expose her modesty. But with a little manoeuvring, a little jiggling and joggling, they managed to sit her back on the chair again.

Just in time, Rosa saw Madam Wong eyeing her drink, and leaned across the table to snatch it away. Alcohol might have impaired her co-ordination, thought Rosa, but her remarkable speed remained.


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