Children’s Art Project

/ September 22, 2016/ Background, Blog

A few weeks ago, I approached the New Solar Robotics First Great Adventure of Discovery Primary School to ask if their pupils would be interested in helping me to advertise my shop. I spoke to their headmistress, Ling Xiaojie, who kindly allowed me to talk to the children.

Some of the children who go to the school are familiar to me, as their parents frequently come to my shop. As I had expected, those children were keen to become involved, but to my delight the others were just as enthusiastic! Each time I asked a question, several hands were raised and I was bombarded with answers. Together we had a wonderful discussion.

Afterwards I asked the children to draw some pictures – but when Ling Xiaojie asked me to clarify what kind of pictures I was looking for, I was stumped. I knew I wanted to put some of these pictures up in my Sweetmeat Pagoda, and had vague thoughts of turning one or two into flyers to give to passersby. But what, and who, did I want pictures of?

In the end, I found the answer staring me in the face. These children represent the family, and so family it was to be. I had my theme. The children could interpret this in any way they wished. They were free to draw whatever and whoever they wanted.

In order to give them a little further encouragement, I told them it was a competition, and the child who drew the best picture would win a prize. As the theme was family, I also said they could involve their younger siblings, and if their picture won, they would share the prize.

Here are some of my personal favourites. Watch out for some of these pictures on my flyers over the next few months, and do let me know which ones you like by clicking on the little heart in the corner of each one!

When we know which is the most popular, I’ll get it made bigger and display it in pride of place in my shop. As an extra incentive, the artist behind the most popular picture will receive a free box of my Exploding Apple Dust (and their parents will also win half a dozen of my bestselling Honey Peach Crackles)!

Xie xie! Tam Tai-tai.


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