The Real-Life Future of China, Through the Eyes of its Children

/ August 22, 2016/ Back in the Real World, Blog, Historical

In 1997, a lady called Xinran came to the UK from China. Having hosted a radio show called Words on the Night Breeze for several years, she had accumulated so many stories of Chinese women that her heart was full to bursting. She had to write them down, or she could no longer function properly and continue to help them. But she knew she couldn’t write that book while she was still living in China, and so she moved to London. At first, she worked as a cleaner, with very little English. But in time, she completed the book, called The Good Women of China; she met Jung Chang’s agent Toby Eady; and the book was subsequently translated and published. (Xinran also married Toby.) Reading that book changed my life and in 2006, I met Xinran (who had agreed Read More